2020 Incident Support Team Solicitation

ISTs coordinate, support, and expedite the System’s mission by providing Federal, State and local officials with functional expertise in the acquisition and utilization of US&R resources.  This is accomplished through subject matter expertise, incident command assistance, management, and coordination of System resources during a response.  An individual who is rostered on an IST agrees to a significant commitment individually and on behalf of their task force, Sponsoring Agency, and/or Participating Agency.  Rostered IST members are required to be on call four times a year (for a minimum of one month at a time), with the possibility of additional requests during responses that occur outside their on-call month.

To increase the number of qualified individuals in IST positions, applications for all IST positions will be accepted.  Successful applicants will be placed either on one of the three standing IST rosters (Red, White or Blue), or on the IST Alternate List.  The Alternate List is used to fill any openings on an IST roster during both the monthly on call, and response rostering, processes.

With an appointment to an IST position, the member understands that this assignment takes precedence over other task force and emergency assignments outside normal agency duties, unless an incident occurs in the IST member’s jurisdiction.  By signing the Letter of Support, the Task Force Representative (TFR) and Sponsoring Agency Chief and/or Participating Agency Chief agree to allow the IST member to respond to an activation and to follow the reimbursement procedures established in 44 CFR 208.  Additionally, the Sponsoring Agency agrees to fund through its Readiness Cooperative Agreement (as funding permits) its members’ attendance at IST training and annual exercises.  For more information on IST Member requirements and rostering, refer to US&R Program Directive 2012-015 – Incident Support Team Administration.

The following quantity/positions are open for solicitation:


(6) Aviation Branch Director

(4) Demobilization Unit

(6) Div/Grp Supervisor

(4) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

(4) Documentation Unit

(5) Facilities Unit

(2) Ground Support Unit Leader

(2) Hazardous Materials Tech Spec

(3) Information Officer

(1) Medical Unit

(1) Resource Unit

(3) Situation Unit

(3) Supply Unit


System members may submit for up to a maximum of three IST positions. Currently rostered and alternate IST members who desire to apply for a different position must submit a complete application. Incomplete/improper applications will not be considered.  In accordance with PD 2012-015 IST Administration, System members interested in applying for one or more of the IST positions will submit the following information as part of their online application packet:

  • An IST Recruitment application package to include:

    • An IST Member Application:

      • With supporting documentation verifying qualifications and US&R General Requirements as listed within this GM’s attachments;

      • Signed by the applicant’s Program Manager and/or TFR.

    • A Letter of Support signed by the member’s TFR, Sponsoring Agency Chief, and Participating Agency Chief (if applicable). In the case of an Affiliated member, a Letter of Support is also required from their employer (unless self-employed).


Each applicant must submit a separate completed application package for each position applied for no later than 1700 EDT, January 10, 2020, using the following online process:


When the application has been received, both the applicant and their Task Force Representative will receive a confirmation email at the email address provided in the submission form.

Selection and appointment will be based on validation that the applicant met the requirements of the position as outlined in the current IST Position Descriptions and the prescribed scoring criteria applied to the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities as verified in their application package. In addition, follow up interviews with SACs, PMs, and other task force and/or SA members may occur to validate the information provided as well as the character of the individual applying. Although the selection committee may recommend an applicant, appointment to the IST is at the sole discretion of the US&R Branch Chief.

Applicants will be notified of the results of the application review no later than January 24, 2020. Successful applicants will be eligible to attend the next scheduled IST Continuing Education.

Any related questions should be directed to: Doug Nakama at douglas.nakama@fema.dhs.gov; Mike Boyle at hazmtr@gmail.com; or Dean Scott at dean.scott@fema.dhs.gov.