Current US&R System Recommendations & Reviews

Advisory Organization – 21-Day Review – 2022 Cache List Changes

The National Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Response System (the System) Logistics Functional Group, in collaboration with associated Subgroups, has identified the attached list of proposed updates to the 2023 FEMA Approved Equipment Cache List.  The Subgroups submitted the proposed updates to the Equipment Subgroup to prepare the list for 21-day review by the System.  The proposed list of updates includes changes, additions, and deletions to meet operational requirements, identify obsolete equipment, update manufacturer and model/part #’s, meet current product and technology availability, and are required to maintain the FEMA Approved Equipment Cache List in an up-to-date status.

The 2023 FEMA Approved Equipment Cache List changes is available electronically on in the Advisory Organization / Recommendations Comments area.  Comments must be submitted online using the System’s US&R Comment Review Form.  For every comment being made a new form needs to be submitted; do not combine issues or comments into one form.  If the recommendation is supported with no comments, it will move forward to the next approval step.  If further work is required for the document to be supported, it will be sent back for additional work, adjudication of comments, and resubmission into the approval process.  If a task force accepts the document as reviewed, one comment form should be submitted stating that the task force has no comment.  Task Force Representatives should ensure that all comments are submitted by COB September 23, 2022.

Questions regarding this document review process may be directed to the appropriate Divisional Task Force Representative, or the Advisory Group Chair.