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Recommendation Period is Closed

Current US&R System Recommendations & Reviews

The FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Branch has developed the Consolidated Policy – Reimbursement Claim Policy and Procedures that is intended to clarify and provide a consolidated document containing all Policies and Procedures related to reimbursement claim documentation. This consolidated document incorporates reimbursement guidance issued under 44 CFR Part 208, PD 2005-020, PD 2005-026, and GM 2019-087.

The topics in this draft consolidated document are listed in chronological order like the timeline of a deployment.  Major sections include Alert, Activation, Demobilization, Rehabilitation, After Action, and Reimbursement.  They are not all-inclusive of situations that can occur, rather they represent key milestones that occur during the various phases of System resource response. The phases of response naturally carry over to time and attendance, hours worked, rehabilitation time earned, payroll and other administrative activities that document and show validation of services rendered to support the reimbursement claim package.  The time and attendance, and documentation requirements are addressed in each section.

All System task forces are asked to review the attached doctrine titled “Consolidated Policy – Reimbursement Claim Policy and Procedures”.  Any comments are to be submitted online using the System’s US&R Comment Review Form.  For every comment being made a new form needs to be submitted; do not combine issues or comments into one form. If the comment’s recommendation is fully supported after review, it will move forward to the next approval step.  If further work is required for the document to be finalized after the 21-day review process, it will be sent back for additional work, adjudication of comments, and resubmission into the approval process.  If a task force accepts the document as reviewed with no suggested changes, one comment form should be submitted stating that the task force has no comment.  Task Force Representatives should ensure that all comments are submitted by May 24, 2024, 23:59 EDT.

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