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Current US&R System Recommendations & Reviews

Advisory Organization – 21-Day Review - US&R Strategic Plan 2024-2027 

In April 2020, the Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Group (AHG) was formed to revise and update the 2016-2020 FEMA US&R Strategic Plan. In June 2023, the AHG completed the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan. The FEMA US&R 2024-2027 Strategic Plan details the goals of the System in order to maintain its reputation as the Nation’s premier US&R body. Along with goals, the Plan identifies capabilities while acknowledging the importance of an integrated, well-trained, highly skilled membership.  This plan is a living document that is intended to be reviewed and adjusted annually.

The US&R Strategic Plan describes the System’s mission to improve performance, and its vision to continue setting a standard of excellence. It identifies goals which address the following three areas:

  • Goal 1-Instill Equity as a Tenet and Component of the FEMA US&R System,

  • Goal 2-Guide and lead the FEMA US&R System in Climate Awareness and Resilience, and

  • Goal 3-Advance and Sustain a Ready and Prepared FEMA US&R System.

For each goal the plan identifies objectives, strategies, and performance measures that will create the framework for success. The plan contains an implementation timeline that identifies for each Performance Measure: the calendar year that it is anticipated to be implemented; a general annual budget impact; and level of difficulty to achieve. 


All System task forces are asked to review the attached (via doctrine titled “US&R 2024-2027 Strategic Plan”. Any comments are to be submitted online using the System’s Recommendation Submission Form.  For every comment being made a new form needs to be submitted; do not combine issues or comments into one form. If the comment’s recommendation is fully supported after review, it will move forward to the next approval step. If further work is required, it will be sent back for additional work, adjudication of comments, and resubmission into the approval process. If a task force accepts the document as reviewed with no suggested changes, one comment form should be submitted stating that the task force has “no comment”. Task Force Representatives should ensure that all comments are submitted by 23:59 ET on October 16, 2023.

Questions regarding this document review process may be directed to the appropriate Divisional Task Force Representative, or the Advisory Group Chair.


Please give the US&R Strategic Plan 2024-2027 your support, disseminate it widely to your personnel, and coordinate your System activities with its goals. 


Any questions related to the plan should be addressed to Doug Nakama at

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