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US&R Advisory Organizational Structure


The Advisory Organization consists of the Strategic Group, the Advisory Group, (comprised of Senior Staff, and four Functional Group Leaders) and the Advisory Support Group (comprised of members of the four Functional Groups, Subgroups, Units, and Ad hoc Groups). Each of these groups is responsible for developing and maintaining their respective areas. Face-to-face meetings are recommended for each group; however, electronic meetings may be utilized at any time to address issues.

I. US&R Strategic Group – The Strategic Group provides the US&R Branch with recommendations to establish priorities for the System on matters regarding policy, strategic goals, budget and any issue with a financial impact on System Sponsoring Agencies and task forces.

This seven member group consists of:

• FEMA Operations Division Director (Chair)
• US&R Branch Chief
• SAC-D’s (3)
• Advisory Group Chair

The Strategic Group will meet face-to-face at least bi-annually, with the goal of quarterly meetings 

II. Advisory Group – The Advisory Group reviews tasks from the Strategic Group or US&R Branch and assigns them to specific Functional Groups as appropriate, coordinates activities, reviews recommendations and work products submitted by the various organizational levels and forwards supported recommendations to the Strategic Group or US&R Branch as appropriate.

This 12 member group consists of Senior Staff, and the Leaders of the four Functional Groups (Operations, Logistics, Planning, & Finance/Admin).

A. Senior Staff – This group is part of the Advisory Group and is responsible for coordinating activities and reviewing products submitted by the various organizational levels within the Advisory Group.

This eight member group consists of:

• Advisory Group Chair (only votes when there is a tie within this group)
• Deputy Advisory Group Chair
• TFR-D’s (3)
• US&R Branch Project Officers – Section Chiefs (2)

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