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Advisory Organization Solicitations - Vacancy

This General Memorandum (GM) is issued to announce the National Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Response System (the System) solicitation process for task force members and subject matter experts (SMEs) interested in filling vacated positions within the Advisory Organization, as shown in current Annex A. Currently, there are two vacancies across two subgroups. The solicitation process for these positions will be May 1, 2024, to May 28, 2024, or until all vacancies are filled.


Any System member or SME filling an Advisory Organization position agrees to a significant personal commitment on behalf of their task force, Sponsoring Agency, and/or Participating Agency. Meeting attendance is required on occasion and funding to support the position is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Agency.


The membership term of appointment for individuals selected during this solicitation process begins immediately. There may be a differing length of term appointments within the group due to the position and the remaining time of the term. With the System’s implementation of Annex A, equal Divisional distribution of Advisory Organization membership is recommended, but not required.

The following positions are vacant: 


Command – IST Functional Group

IST Subgroup - 1

Safety Subgroup - 1


In accordance with Annex A, System members or SMEs interested in filling current or anticipated vacant Advisory Organization positions should review the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) for that position at Those wishing to apply and meeting the KSAs for the position (including incumbents) shall:


  • Complete an Advisory Organization application package to include:


A completed US&R 201-L - Advisory Organization Application (with pertinent position related System experience and training noted) signed by the individual’s Program Manager and/or Task Force Representative (TFR).


A Letter of Support signed by the individual’s TFR, Sponsoring Agency Chief, and Participating Agency Chief (if applicable). Refer to US&R 201-M for an example template of a Letter of Support.


The US&R 201-L and Letter of Support Template can be found at:

  • Complete the forms in their entirety including all required signatures.

  • The completed (appropriate application, letter of support) application packages must be submitted electronically per announcement instructions.

    • Scan all documents and name them with your name and division (example: Keith Bevan Central)

    • Click the Advisory Organization Member Application Submission Link and complete the basic member information and attach your completed application package to the submission form prior to submitting.

    • When the application has been received, you will receive an email confirming the

application has been received. The confirmation email is sent to the email address provided in the submission form.

  • Please keep all documents and the confirmation email for your records.


Applications are due no later than 17:00 ET on May 28, 2024:


Once the application submission date has passed, all complete application packages shall be processed by Senior Staff per US&R 201 - Annex A – Advisory Organization. Selection considerations will be made based on the candidate’s ability to meet the KSAs identified as necessary to meet Advisory Organization position expectations.  


The Functional Group Leaders will review applications to ensure candidates meet the minimum qualifications with final approval and selection completed by Senior Staff, Divisional Task Force Representatives, and/or Strategic Group members.


Specific information supporting the solicitation process may be found by going to – Advisory Solicitation. Any questions related to the Advisory Organization member vacancy solicitation process should be directed to the appropriate TFR-D.

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